About me

I was born in 1966 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After I finished high school for construction and engineering, I started working as a freelance handicraft artist. Although mainly autodidact, I enhance my knowledge and skills by frequently attending various art & sculpting workshops and seminars. I gained experience working with esteemed Slovenian artists, namely Jože Slak and Bojan Mauser.

In the process of renovating my old flat I developed my mosaic skills. I also did all the furnishing and my massive wood furniture. In collaboration with Ulrich & Co. I worked on restoration of an old altarpiece in Novo Mesto. There I extended my knowledge of wood restoration and gilding.

Since 1990 I make original mosaics and unique furniture. Into all these things and creations I embed my personal style.

Miran Pešič Pešo

Solo Exhibitions

  • 1997 KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana (massive wood objects)
  • 1999 Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana (massive wood objects)
  • 2001 Gallery Korotan, Vienna (massive wood objects)

Group Exhibitions

  • 1990 Eindhoven (clay models)
  • 1995 Kontra Dibidon, Belgrade (models and masks)
  • 1996 Metelkova, Ljubljana (massive wood tables and chairs)
  • 2000 Gallery Equrna, Ljubljana (handworks)
  • 2002 Sao Paolo (chair, part of the Metelkova mesto presentation in the frame of Sao Paulo Bienial)
  • 2009 Studio-gallery Mikado (bow, part of Clean mirror exhibition by members of Meikyo kan karate club)
  • 2012 Studio-gallery Mikado (chello, part of Reflection exhibition by members of Meikyo kan karate club)

Commisioned Works

  • Cha teahouse, Ljubljana (mosaic)
  • True bar, Ljubljana (mosaic)
  • Kantina, Ljubljana (clay sculptures)
  • Sax Pub, Ljubljana (clay sculptures)
  • Pizzeria Tunel, Ljubljana (mosaic)
  • Greek restaurant Ati, Ljubljana (clay sculptures)
  • Shop Fossil, Ljubljana (wood and wire sculptures)
  • Shop Obsession, Ljubljana (wood and clay sculptures)
  • Tavern Antika, Novi Vinodolski (mosaic)
  • Argentinski park, Ljubljana (children’s play from oak trunks; with musician Jan Tomšič)
  • Park of Middle Woodworking School in Postojna (ant sculpture)


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