In the 1993 a picture of a stag beetle coincidentally appeared on the back of a leather-jacket I was hand-sewing. I readily embraced this lucky coincidence. From then on – a picture of a stag beetle is my trade mark.




Since 1997 I work with wood in many different ways. As a result I have created a number of unique handmade pieces of furniture, sculptures, interactive playground requisites and many other unique artifacts.



I am very fond of metal and stone. I often combine them with wood, thus creating a conglomerate artifacts.



I collect larger pebbles and use them with wood for creating unique pieces of furniture. Also in mosaics I use pebbles together with cut ceramics. Weightier stones I often use as counterweight in wooden sculptures, all bound together with iron.



I made many clay sculptures. In 1992 my carnival masks of Milan Kučan (at the time president of Slovenia) and Janez Janša (Prime Minister at the time) won the first prize. This award enabled me to buy my first professional woodcarving tools.